I grew up in New Orleans in the 70s, absorbing all the great and funky music that lovely place offers, along with Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and such, along with real hardcore Country music from my Grandparents…I got my 1st guitar at 10, having already learned a few songs. I jumped in, immediately wanting only to become a musician, the kind I was hearing, who plays from the heart, the soul and the balls. 
It’s been a long, strange and wonderful journey. I opened for Joe Perry at 20, then again at 47…I played in a Blues band with Jeff Simon and Bill Blough, better known as the Delaware Destroyers. Wonderful cats btw, both of them extremely talented, humble gentlemen…I’ve shared stages with Junior Wells, The Nighthawks, Pat Travers, David Allen Coe, Southern Culture on the Skids, James Cotton, Johnny Winter, Lonnie Brooks, Little Charlie and the Nightcats, Foghat, Nazareth…well, you get the picture, yeah? 
I joined The Mojo Gurus in 2006, which has been a killer experience every day since. We’ve made three studio albums I’m very proud of, and a good many of the shows mentioned above were Mojo Gurus shows…The third disc, GONE, was released June 30th, 2017 on MRI Records. Meanwhile, I’m home in Louisiana after 30 + years, embracing my roots, playin’ cool funky music with cool funky cats…Darryl White on Drums, Jonathan "Cujo" Limjuco on Bass and Vocals are the core of Louisiana Remedy, with Nick Knee-case on Keys, Sax and Vocals.


Dear Fans,

Well folks, I've been back in Louisiana for two years now, been giggin' with some great cats, meetin' some very talented people...time to finally record my stash of songs right, on tape, with a roomful of gentlemen who know when to lay into a groove, all playin' together...I have Darryl White on board to co produce and play drums, Cujo on bass, Nick Kneecase on keyboards and loads of great New Orleans cats to round the tunes out as needed! All we need is the financing, $10,000 will get it recorded, mixed, mastered and manufactured.That's only 1000 folks pre ordering the CD at $10, which of course will be signed! I will be workin' up some deals for folks that might wanna invest a little more ;) It's been a huge blessing to be home, playin' in this environment, with this community of players, I sure hope enough folks want to hear this that we can make it happen!

Thank You!

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